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Medicine in Motion

Focusing on complex medical needs, I deliver massage therapy directly to you at your home or in a fully equipped clinic. Opt for the ease of a house call or the professional setting of the clinic, tailored to your preference and comfort. Book today for care that adapts to your life.

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My Services

I offer a variety of services all at your convenience! Customizable treatments allow for a personalized treatment plan catered to your needs.

Therapeutic Massage

1 HourΒ 
One-hour treatments focus on getting maximum time to work on your clinical needs.

Maintenance Massage

45 mins
For those of us that have a quick break during the day to work through some sore points.

About Me

I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2019. Before starting my career in massage therapy I was a Personal Trainer and Martial Artist at a boutique fitness center in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

I was the Canadian national Sanshou Champion in 2013 and I fought for Canada that same year at the 12th annual world wushu championships in Malaysia.

I am committed to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the human body to further enhance my learning and to give you the best possible treatment that I can provide.

All this in the hopes that you feel better, get better, and stay better.

I am trained in a variety of different treatment modalities including Swedish massage, Trigger Point release, PNF Stretching, Deep Tissue Massage, and Cross Fiber Frictions.

Using these modalities I create a blend between relaxation and therapeutic massage customized to your needs.

Although trained to treat a variety of conditions I excel at treating patients with complex medical needs and dealing with those under high stress and trauma.

When not training or practicing massage I enjoy playing table top board games like D&D and exploring the city for new and different kinds of food.

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